Embracing yourself in the New Year!

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The New Year. Often a time that marks the end of or the beginning of something for so many. A time where new resolutions are made in replacement of the old. Mainly for most, it’s a time to reset our focus and hope to try again in the New Year.
But for many others, the situation remains constant, showing no signs of change resulting in a lack of Hope. For some, they may have already given up on things that lack Hope, placing their hopes on something or someone else. And particularly because of such circumstances, many turn to more substances as a form of escapism. Especially on a night like New Year’s Eve, where millions celebrate and rejoice with glee, the end and the beginning of something else whilst masquerading that that was left, starving of Hope. Drowning it, suffocating it, and denying its existence with more booze and pills all in the Hope of something new. Disregarding the failures and disappointment of what was once Hoped for.
Bloomberg reminds us this morning of startling facts of the drinking problem faced in Europe with a piercing title in the news today: ” Europeans are drinking themselves to Death”. Proving with stats that Europeans drink more than people on any other continent, an average of 11.2 litres of alcohol per year.
And so, I’d like to remind anyone who is still faced with never-ending challenges right now, or who feels forsaken or alone, never fitting in, or who don’t feel understood or particularly cheery today, if the need to turn to alcohol to drink responsibly.
Drink to celebrate with limitations and not to pop pills or shoot up for the sake of running away. To have fun celebrating your failures and your disappointments too for they make the entirety of you. I want you to raise a glass to all the coulda, woulda, shoulda and try at it again next year, never giving up Hope. And to be responsible in your life for yourself. Quit running away and turning to substances for irrelevant and temporary measures. Call on the name of your source, your Maker and I believe that you will see the very purpose of your existence. Even if you don’t appreciate it or value it this very moment.
So here’s a very Happy New Year to all. Love yourself, cherish yourself and celebrate yourself, for you reflect something so much grander and wonderful within yourself. Truly.

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