Christmas – Season of Giving

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Christmas. The time of the year where people adorn their spaces with decorations, festive lights, a tree with lights (why?), and a pile of presents that bring surprises and joy to the recipients and it got me thinking…

It’s usually a time where I’d swell with excitement and wonder what amazing gifts are awaiting me under a tree (unsure of the significance of a tree except that it’s tradition). Adorned heavily with ornaments and lights with the intention to bring some sort of a cheer, a joy to all who lay eyes on it.

But if I’m really honest, I find more joy being the giver of presents this side of the year this year. Disregarding what I could possibly receive but gleeing with enthusiasm, the thought of knowing how others might feel receiving something so needed and precious, a way to say I love them and I care. I don’t know if it’s cause I’ve just hit 30 or if it’s cause I seem to have found the deeper truth in giving (loving). But it sounds to me like the proverbial saying, ‘it’s more blessed to give than to receive’ has enchanted me yet again. Trying to spread some joy through such small acts of love! This shift is wildly surprising.

And I wonder if it’s got to do with the fact that many believers celebrate this very day that marks a birth that brings an amazingly special kind of precious gift. A gift made possible through a certain birth and a certain death of a very certain person that although stirs uncertainties in those who refuse, brings much more to those who readily receive. A gift that when received, gives ever–lasting life, restful purpose, incomprehensible joy, impossible strength & endurance and a whole new perspective of this physical life here on earth just from receiving. A birth that was destined to give Great Joy and Hope than any physical presents or thing on this earth can ever give..

So I celebrate giving back on this day. For the One who came to give me much more than I can ever ask for! Indeed it is a Very Merry Christmas!

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